Our seven values for LifeBridge are:

1.Empowering Servant Leadership

We believe in establishing visionary leadership teams that have a servant heart and are committed to raising up, equipping and mobilizing believers for the work of the ministry. We are therefore, a visionary church, a serving church and an empowering church.

2.Passionate Christ-centered Spirituality

We value passionate commitment to following Christ. This spiritual fervency expresses itself through prayer, joyful praise, sincere worship, community celebration and a lifestyle that manifest gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. We are therefore a praying church, a worshipping church and a spirit-filled church.

3.Loving Healing Community

We are a community of believers that love and care for one another. We believe that an effective small group system is vital to achieve this goal. We are committed to providing an environment where people can find wholeness and restoration. We are therefore, a loving church, a church with small groups and a restoring church.

4.Purposeful Word Based Training

We believe in training and maturing our people through active discipleship and purpose-driven training. We are committed to the Bible as the Word of God and our final spiritual authority for faith and life. We apply Biblical truth to life through instructional teaching and preaching and small group discussion. We are a maturing church, a bible based church and a church that integrates passionate spirituality with practical word-based teaching.

5.Compassionate Relevant Outreach

We have a genuine heart of compassion for people who do not Christ. We are therefore committed to reaching our communities, our cities and the nations by presenting the Gospel in relevant ways and ministering to people’s felt needs. We fulfill this priority through personal evangelism, small groups, celebration, missions and other ministries. We are therefore, a compassionate church, an evangelistic church, a contemporary church, and a church that reaches out to its community, city and the nations.

6.Individual and Cultural Diversity

We work intentionally to bridge cultural and generational gaps so as to create a community where different people can relate together in a spirit of love and unity. We value the diversity of cultures and ethnic groups, gender and generations. We are therefore, a multicultural and multigenerational church.

7.Continual growth and Excellence

We pursue excellence and integrity in all aspects of church life in order to bring glory to God. We believe in intentional personal growth and team development that improves the quality of our life and team ministry. We continually evaluate and adapt our methods so that the message of Christ is presented effectively and people are disciple effectively. We are therefore, a quality church, a growing church and a church with integrity.